In Houston TX a woman has been convicted of murder for stabbing her boyfriend 25 times with 5 1/2“stiletto heels.

Though it is true the constitution is silent on the topic of heel length, the founders could not have envisioned a time when shoe technology would advance to this point. The development of easily carried lightweight but strong composite materials has enabled the big shoe industry to create extremely dangerous heels that were unforeseen in colonial times.

All over America, women are found in virtually any environment with these “Assault Shoes”. There is no law prohibiting it. You see them in the grocery store, theater, banks, and out on the street. And many women own dozens of pairs. Legally!

They store them openly in closets where minors might easily obtain them. There is no background check or waiting period before purchase, no limits on heel length, no age restrictions to keep them out of young hands. Girls may carry them into schools where YOUR children believe they are safe.

Nobody NEEDS 5 1/2” heels to hunt deer. They can only be used to kill PEOPLE. How many more must die because politicians fear the shoe lobby? Isn’t it time we adopted common sense measures to stop senseless proliferation of assault shoes?

If it saves just one life, is it not worth it?

Yes, I’m sure I’ll feel the wrath of the RW shoe nuts… but it had to be said!

I'm Rob Jones... and I approve this message.
I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.


  1. At the very least, a prerequisite for ownership of any women’s shoes with more than a 1″ heel should require registration with the state and federal governments. And a prerequisite of registration should be completion of a sanctioned Shoe Safety Course. I can’t envision how ANY woman would ever need a heel longer than 1-1/2 to 2 inches.


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