The Big Issue of 2012 is Women’s Rights?

Welcome to the 70s. So fun we decided to do ’em again
Been watching the speakers at the DNC Convention. For those of you that thought this election was about things like a staggering economy with unemployment rates that have risen during his term, gas prices that’ve roughly doubled, a deficit the president promised to cut in half by the end of his first term {it nearly doubled instead}… WRONG.

The election is REALLY all about women’s rights.

Why? Because they say so I guess
Heck, I thought we’d hammered out “the war between the sexes” when I was a kid. Not so according to the speakers tonite… apparently this is a MUCH more important issue than a bunch of numbers.

Last night they featured noted champion of woman… Ted Kennedy
Teddy {you remember, Mary Jo’s buddy} returned from the grave to heartily endorse Obama. This surprises pretty much nobody. The dead have been voting Democratic for years, it’s high time they had a voice at the convention.

Tonite, famous fem-respector… Bill Clinton
I’m thinking whoever picked their speakers did not have his irony alarm turned on. Hell, I’m a little surprised they didn’t bring in Anthony Wiener and John Edwards. Hey, why not?

Meanwhile… the national debt just passed 16 TRILLION

Just sayin.

Naah, screw it, let’s talk about the burning issue on everyone’s mind in this economy, trans-gender medical treatment.

I’m Rob Jones… and I approve this message.


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